Your organization
workflow made:

With, maintaining your organization becomes fast and cost-effective.


Conducting online tests made so much easier, faster and secure.


Enterprise tools to help you provide quality academic experience.


Integrate forms on your website without requiring your own back-end.


Send bulk messages
without any cost.

Use Dash to send notifications to all of your users and workers or target them to specific groups. Since Dash uses web sockets instead of text messages, it is fast, secure and will virtually cost nothing to send messages to thousands of your employees or students as many times as you want.

You just need to focus on spreading important information, not on your budget.


Assign tasks to your staff
and track their status.

With Dash, you can create jobs and short-term tasks, and assign them to your employees. Dash will track the task status and provide you with the necessary insights and alerts.

We'll manage the data, so you can get more time to manage things that actually matter.


File distribution system
that is easy, efficient and scalable.

Let your employees and students access documents like curriculums and regulations from their own devices. Dash provides an easy integration with Dropbox and Onedrive.

Save yourself from the hassles brought by paper based distribution methods.


Your data is in secure hands.

Dash uses the most secure standards of data security. While you strive to make your products and services better, we'll take care of complex things like data reliability and security.

All the time and resources you save using Dash is what you will use to create your organization a better place for everyone.